SLINGSHOT questions the value of manhood, the price of sex, and the possibility of liberation.




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SLINGSHOT begins with the author ensconced in the menacing isolation of the pastoral, but once the work migrates to the City, monstrum grows form and fangs. In these messy, horny, desperate poems spun from dream logic, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson considers the consequences of black sexual and gender deviance, as well as the emotional burden of being forced to the rim of society, then punished for what keeps you alive.


Cyrée Jarelle Johnson writes us into a magnified intimacy, a textured devastation, a web that can be stretched, folded and replanted in a backroom, on the subway, and between lungs. SLINGSHOT establishes the conditions for its readability by entangling us in its refusals. Its density drags us across the riverbed of language with unforgiving and unapologetic force.

-Raquel Salas Rivera
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ISBN: 9781643620091
Paperback, 80 pages, 6 x 8 in
Publication Date: 09/17/2019

“In SLINGSHOT, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson challenges readers with sharp, unapologetic poems of intimacy, gender roles, and disability. The title is spot-on as Johnson hits you like brick and awakens you to the revolution that could finally bring the phoenix from the burning embers of a society on the brink.”

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Cyrée Jarelle Johnson is a writer and librarian living in New York City. His first book of poetry SLINGSHOT will be published by Nightboat Books in 2019. He is …

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