My Manservant and Me

A madcap tale of sadistic power-play by one of the 20th century’s most beloved French gay writers.




Foreword by Shiv Kotecha

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eBook, Paperback

My Manservant and Me is a story about the trials and tribulations of having a live-in valet. Written from the uneasy perspective of an aging, incontinent author of extremely successful middlebrow plays, in My Manservant and Me, we learn about the author’s live-in manservant, a young film actor who is easily moved to both delicate gestures and terrible tantrums, who’s been authorized to handle his master’s finances, who orders stock buys, dictates his master’s wardrobe, sleeps in his master’s bed, and yet won’t let him watch variety television. My Manservant and Me reveals the rude specificities of this relationship with provocative humor and stylistic abjection. This manservant won’t be going anywhere.

ISBN: 9781643621524
Paperback, 104 pages, 5.5 x 8 in
Publication Date: October 2022
Translator(s): Jeffrey Zuckerman

Hervé Guibert (1955–1991) was a French writer and photographer. A critic for Le Monde, he was the author of some thirty books, most notably To the Friend Who Did …

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