Land Sparing

Winner of the Nightboat Books Poetry Prize



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In a series of poems quiet but savage—in the many senses of that word—Gabriella Klein lays bare the prospects of an individual in times of ecological and personal upheaval. These poems are gyroscopic, telescopic, microscopic. Insects and universes each are as grand and intimate as the other.


In Land Sparing, the human and the planet are in a relationship, neither theoretical, biological nor even spiritual but an actual relationship: personal, erotic, possessive and tender. The stars, the forest, mud, a daughter, the Chinook wind, a honeybee, the sea, a universe—they all have as much agency and presence in this work as the poet/speaker herself. In couplet, stanza and monostich, Gabriella Klein gathers together all her kind-hearted faculties. She is brave enough to be desperate, agitated, wrecked, in love. There is a music so grounded yet so light that one wants to believe this tricky and fraught relationship is going to survive even against what seem now like steep odds indeed.

-KAZIM ALI (Judge's Citation)
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ISBN: 978-1-937658-32-8
paperback, 88 pages, 6 x 9 in
Publication Date: 2015

Klein is earth-struck, star-struck, lovestruck, grief-struck. Poetry books are often memoirs of a keenly observed, deeply felt life and we often get a self-portrait of the author. Klein seems to be the living and dying of it all herself, and while drawn into her enigmatic, intense story, her magic is to enlist the reader for fellow traveling through the mystery of shared, overwhelming reality.

-Richard Jarrette, CASA Magazine
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Gabriella Klein earned her MFA in Poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Barbara, California …

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