almost any shit will do

Timeless Infinite LightPoetry

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Mycelium is the largest organism on the planet. It is the collective root structure from which all mushrooms emerge. It lives three inches under the ground and can span for thousands of acres. Any of its threads can connect to the collective body at any point. almost any shit will do pulls language from mycelium studies to investigate the underground of political unrest, from its emergence as riots to the single moment of impact: a body in protest thrown to the ground by the cop. How can we mark the shifting boundary between the individual and the movement in the midst of a riot? It is in the continuous attempt to define these terms that we begin to articulate the utopia that is always already happening, three inches below the surface.


This is the space of the underground, where the intersection evidences the site of violence as a weight that pulls our attention via contours in the grid. Here, the lines bend around the individual and extend that body into the multitude: the movement, almost any shit will do is a statement of rage, where, when pushed to the edge, we might learn the most from a silent source—the ultimate Other.

Timeless, Infinite Light
ISBN: 9781937421137
Paperback, 120 Pages, 4.5 x 7
Publication Date: 2014

“spero’s collection spreads and provides a mode of resistance. Radical connectivity and spreading networks encourage the reader to move off the page, to the thousands of strands unseen yet ever present and, as spero notes, only a few inches beneath the surface. almost any shit will do invites re-reading and varying navigation, to let the reader reabsorb the possibility inherent within and beyond these pages.”

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Emji Saint Spero is a transqueer writer, performer, and pervert living in Los Angeles. They are curious about the potential of creative intimacies to queer the familiar, mapping the boundaries …

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