A Little More Red Sun on the Human

A selection of poems by celebrated poet Gillian Conoley that spans her arresting body of work: from the idiosyncrasies of Texas girlhood toward an encompassing inquiry into spirit and matter, individual and state.



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New & Selected Poems

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WINNER of the Northern California Book Awards

FINALIST for the Golden Poppy Awards

FINALIST for the California Book Awards


Gillian Conoley’s new and selected poems assemble a shockingly varied body of work, comprising narrative, lyric, and fragmented forms. Her coruscating vibrant poems are informed by visual art and film, political engagement and playful linguistic constructions. Throughout, one can trace Conoley’s obsessions and concerns: democracy, metaphysics, motherhood, gender and race, futurity and history.


Conoley’s poems have a singular energy like an organ solo or a shotgun resorting to storytelling. She adds tool handles to our histories; a set list for our waking souls. And an instrument of self-reflection that a landscape might ponder itself with. On her page, our natures get away with nothing. All cradled by a ruthlessly loving dance of language; in her poems we meet our twins.

-Tongo Eisen-Martin
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ISBN: 9781643620114
Paperback, 296 pages, 6 x 9 in
Publication Date: 10/15/2019

Over the course of her career, Conoley’s style has developed from lyric poems recounting a Texas girlhood, to fragmented sequences that play with language and perspective, to roving, cinematic poems that address history, art, biography, and language. Winner of the 2017 Shelley Memorial Award, Conoley makes this transformation visible in these selections, which the poet has organized into sequential, thematic sections independent of her seven collections, introducing unfamiliar readers to her aesthetic preoccupations and concerns.

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Gillian Conoley’s ninth collection is Notes From The Passenger, published by Nightboat Books in 2023. A Little More Red Sun on The Human: New and Selected Poems, also from …

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