An anti true crime novel about patricide, adolescent desire, and Southern working class life.



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Begun as a response to a front page photograph illustrating a tragedy that the media quickly sensationalized in the early 2000’s, Wolf tells the composite truth of two brothers, a family friend, a father, and a murder. Skeptical of news cycles and the way trials become page-turners, this book forgoes the standards of true crime: quick conclusions and moralistic underpinnings. Instead, motivated by an attempt to extend empathy, its reconstruction unfolds in tones of witness and meditation. What results is a story about the extremities to which deeply unchecked abuse and ongoing trauma can push a family.


Wolf is a horror story, a love story, story of survival, of parenting and of coming of age. It manages to be so many contradictory things by a-newly creating the English language—by making a brand new English that is both alienating and intimate. It is a marvel.

-Tiphanie Yanique
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ISBN: 9781643620220
Paperback, 144 pg, 5 x 7.75 in
Publication Date: June 2, 2020

This heartbreaking story of patricide will move readers with its startling notes of empathy.

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Douglas A. Martin is the author of books of poetry and prose, including: Wolf, Acker, Once You Go Back, Your Body Figured, In The Time of Assignments, Branwell, and They …

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