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The chromatic, linguistically playful, erotic conclusion to Wayne Koestenbaum’s acclaimed trance poem trilogy.


Desgraciado (the collected letters)

A collection of epistolary poems that exorcise and explore the material violence and generational trauma of colonization and systemic racism stored within queer Latinx memory.



Originating in the late twentieth century and projecting into a speculative future, Madness reveals the riches and precarity of a life in poetry for a queer Latinx immigrant.


Virgil Kills

Linked stories alighting from a US, Black and Filipino imaginary through a central character, Virgil, and his accounts of race, sex, and desire.


Aerial Concave Without Cloud

A collection of poems about starlight, survival, resilience, and acceptance after experiences of profound grief.


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Written By Wayne KoestenbaumWritten By Angel DominguezWritten By Gabriel Ojeda-SaguéWritten By Ronaldo V. WilsonWritten By Sueyeun Juliette Lee

Wayne Koestenbaum—poet, critic, novelist, artist, performer—is the author of 22 books, including Ultramarine, The Cheerful Scapegoat, Figure It Out, Camp Marmalade, My 1980s & Other Essays, The Anatomy …

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Angel Dominguez is a Latinx poet and artist of Yucatec Maya descent, born in Hollywood and raised in Van Nuys, CA by their immigrant family. They’re the author of …

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Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué is a poet and writer living in Chicago. He is the author of three books of poetry, most recently including Losing Miami (The Accomplices, 2019) which was …

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Sueyeun Juliette Lee grew up 3 miles from the CIA and currently lives in Denver, CO where she works as the Program Director at Chinook Fund, a social justice funder …

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Ronaldo V. Wilson, PhD, is the author of: VIRGIL KILLS (Nightboat Books), and Narrative of the Life of the Brown Boy and the White Man (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008 …

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