An arresting new translation of poems, originally written in French, by one of our greatest philosopher poets




On October 27, 2003, Etel Adnan received a postcard from poet Khaled Najar, who she had met in the late seventies. Originally in French, the poems it sparked collapse time, then expand it. War and love intertwine with coffee and bombs, memory and the present, evoking life in non- linear time.

ISBN: 9781643620046 W
96 pp, 5¼ x 8
Publication Date: June 2019
Translator(s): Sarah Riggs

Adnan’s Time is a book that crosses continents, encounters wars and heartbreaks, and looks brazenly at one’s own mortality. And these poems do exactly what Adnan states, “I would like to reflect like a / buoy, thrown out from the depths / to the luminous mortal surface / of the sea.”

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Picture of Etel Adnan

Etel Adnan was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1925. She studied philosophy at the Sorbonne, U.C. Berkeley, and at Harvard, and taught at Dominican College in San Rafael, California …

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