A polyphonic and typographic debut collection of poems that vibrantly strategizes life and resistance under white supremacist capitalism.



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Winner of the 2023 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Poetry

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eBook, Paperback

MissSettl is a funny, joyful, and spiteful collection of seriously playful poems; they carry on with provocation, engagement, and mourning for what has been done to our living practices. These poems lampoon rigged games of common sense, syntax, and citizenship to expose the mechanics of what Americans have become and what they might be freed into after the end of capitalism, and gender, and race, and money, and property. MissSettl confronts what’s in the way of love; it disrupts what limits our potential.


“Kamden Hilliard is one of the most unique poets. Whether writing about blackness, settler colonialism, or racial capitalism, they ‘tricc’ syntax and form into something both ‘skinthicc’ and ‘metaphysiqule.’ MissSettl invites us to party inside the ‘weerd’ language of multiple selves dancing and transforming ‘queerdum.’”

-Craig Santos Perez
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ISBN: 9781643621401
Paperback, 96 pages, 6 x 9 in
Publication Date: June 14, 2022

MissSettl, Kamden Ishmael Hilliard’s delightfully jarring debut collection, explodes assumptions about language, race, and American (post)colonialism in an age of information overload… A 21st century Dadaist or Metamodernist text, this collection demands that readers rethink the present state (and future!) of American poetics.

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Kamden Hilliard is a non-binary poet, educator, and scholar. They are the author of MissSettl (2022). They are also the author of three chapbooks of poetry: distress tolerance (2016 …

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