Dreaming in the Fault Zone



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A Poetics of Healing

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eBook, Paperback

Anchored by ancient and contemporary rituals and conversations with artists and health practitioners, Dreaming in the Fault Zone examines healing in all its translations and violence to learn how we turn our syndromes into method, and how inquiry itself can shift the body. From the ancient dream clinic and therapeutic landscapes to disability culture, trauma modalities, and the entwined plagues we live through now, this collection of critical lyric prose and poem-essays travels in a space of impasse and unending experiment.

ISBN: 9781643621197
Paperback, 288 pages, 6.5 x 8
Publication Date: November 2023

Eleni Stecopoulos is a writer and poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with roots in New York City and Greece. She is the author of Dreaming in the …

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