Eleni Stecopoulos

Eleni Stecopoulos is a writer and poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with roots in New York City and Greece. She is the author of Dreaming in the Fault Zone: A Poetics of Healing (forthcoming from Nightboat Books) & a poetry collection, Armies of Compassion (2010), and a work of literary nonfiction and criticism, Visceral Poetics (2012), which Alphonso Lingis wrote “open[s] an important field for investigation and practice: the healing force of language, of poetry”, and Petra Kuppers called “a thick rich book of Artaudian trickster moves.” She has taught literature and writing at Bard College, the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and in community workshops. Her writing has appeared in Best American Experimental Writing 2018, Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within The Anthropocene, Viz. Inter-Arts, Somatic Engagement: The Politics and Publics of Embodiment, Encyclopedia, Open Space (SFMOMA), Harvard Review, ecopoetics, and other venues.

Books by Eleni Stecopoulos: