A Beauty Has Come

A collection of psychedelic poems inspired by Egyptian queen Nefertiti, exploring the slippage between her image and legacy across time, place, and space.




A Beauty Has Come takes the reader on a sonic exploration across desert plains and resonant soundscapes as Nefertiti, “The Beautiful One,” comes into being and Blackness on the page. Written from within the physical limitations of lockdown and informed by her work as a psychoanalytic student, Jasmine Gibson’s poems are a surrealist playlist drawn from the mystic and the viscerally real.

ISBN: 978-1-643-62175-3
Paperback, 80 pages, 6 x 8 in
Publication Date: August 2023

Jasmine Gibson is a Philly jawn, poet and social worker. Her work has been featured or reviewed in The New Yorker, PoetryNow, Entropy, Hyperallergic, Datableed Zine, LIES: Journal of Materialist …

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