There's an arbitrary, arguably American distinction between style and survival. Joyelle McSweeney's Death Styles—out today from Nightboat—makes the argument that the two are inseparable. The poems craft a portrait of loss and livelihood, of "audacity and absurdity"…

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Boiled Owls—by Azad Ashim Sharma, out today from Nightboat Books—interrogates our narratives of addiction and recovery, as it imagines other possibilities for life and collectivity. What would it mean to consider addiction as part of capital's promise? How do you craft a narcopoetics? In my conversation with Sharma we look at language, political consciousness, and what Bhanu Kapil calls our "cadences of survival." —Dante Silva Dante Silva: You describe recovery with the word stuplimity, which refers to a sense of “overwhelming excitement and stultifying boredom emanating from the same object.” Could you say more? What have you found in the regular,…

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