Happy publication day to Kamden Ishmael Hilliard's debut collection MissSettl! To celebrate, Nightboat Fellow Snigdha Koirala interviewed Kam about typographical intervention, performance and the American imperialist project, and more. Take a look below! _____________________________________________________ Snigdha: The…

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Happy publication the reprint of TC Tolbert's Gephyromania! TC and Nightboat fellow Snigdha Koirala celebrate by discussing silence, in-betweeness, and more. Take a look below! ___________________________________ Snigdha: Gephyromania is concerned with a kind of in-betweeness—and the title nods to this. But I was also struck by the ways in which the collection ponders or wrestles with absence. You write, “In absentia. We dress./ the story of cleavage unwritten./ Erased.” How did the relationship between the two inform your writing process? TC: I grew up in the south as a white Pentecostal girl. The institutions I was immersed in (and brain washed by – whiteness…

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