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Starting on September 1st, Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2019 Nightboat Poetry Prize. The winning poet receives $1,000, a standard royalty contract, and 25 free copies of the published book. Finalists are considered for future publication. Judges:…

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SPEECH: Jill Magi on Method

Abu Dhabi-based poet and artist Jill Magi furnishes SPEECH, her new book-length poem published earlier this month, with layered textures of language, subject, and object, calling at the delineations of border and sending her subject through them. That subject, however, "won't be indexed precisely," Magi asserts in the books appendix, "Painting a bibliography."  She asserts further that SPEECH is as much an archive, of painting-- of movement-- of place, as it is a poetic engagement. In the interest of highlighting that pervasive materiality of this new text, Jill Magi has given us a photographic opening into the creative spaces…

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