Today on the Nightboat blog, we're taking a spotlight to Cole Swensen's Art in Time, published this past May by Nightboat. Read through for Cole's take on the artists who inspired the writing of this…

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Today on the Nightboat blog, we're highlighting the soon-to-be-published Honey Mine by Camille Roy (ed. Eric Sneathen and Lauren Levin, pub date 6/29), a book of collected stories written roughly between 1985 and 2018. A crucial figure in the intellectually heady and sexually charged New Narrative literary movement, Camille Roy continues to be an inspiration to many lesbian and queer experimental writers. For the Nightboat blog, Roy and editors Eric Sneathen and Lauren Levin discuss the making of Honey Mine, its formal qualities, and the histories and experience that inspired its writing. _______________________________________________________________________ Eric Sneathen: What is Honey Mine? Truly, I'm not…

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