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Congratulations to Carlos Lara, 2018 Nightboat Poetry Prize Winner! Here is Kazim Ali's full editorial citation for Lara's Like Bismuth When I Enter:  Carlos Lara’s Like Bismuth When I Enter enters the space of ritual, incantation…

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Eleni Sikelianos, prolific poet, professor, and author of the new antigrowth epic, What I Knew, was gracious enough to talk with me about the latter's themes, her travels, the uncapturable, and of course (sorry, not sorry) astrology. This week, I'm sitting with and stirred by Eleni's assertion, "Poetry holds the place of ferality in language," a notion that saturates the poetics in What I Knew. Her prose here proves that potency can carry over in the right hands.    -June Shanahan   June Shanahan: What I Knew is so very located, in that so many of the poem’s sentiments are rooted in, or at least paired…

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