We’re excited to announce Nightboat Illuminations: a new series of intimate readings, performances, portraits, correspondences and more from our authors! Here's the schedule for Week 1:                 Here's week 2: Here's week 3: Here's week 4: Here's week 5: Here's week…

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Echo 1

We at Nightboat find ourselves reflecting on how in times of crisis, global or not, we turn to the literature of disaster and the disenfranchised. In this language we also find notes of celebration, powerful beacons of hope, and exemplars of resistance. In the search for what resonates, we understand that inextricable from survival is collaboration, the voices of the chorus, and what we hear in the harmonies. We asked each of our contributors: What connections can we draw between the ways we cope (together), survive (together), and thrive (together)? A car alarm. A default ringtone. A “How you doin’?”…

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Nightboat Books, a nonprofit organization, seeks to develop audiences for writers whose work resists convention and transcends boundaries, by publishing books rich with poignancy, intelligence and risk.

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