We're thrilled to announce that Nightboat Books is considering prose manuscripts from May 1-June 30, 2021! We're looking for innovative prose writing, including inter-genre/hybrid writing, book-length essays, and manuscripts of formally experimental fiction and/or nonfiction. Prose translations, international…

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The title of the second collection of poetry by Lambda Award-winning poet and performer Rosamond S. King, All The Rage (published April 2021) has multiple valences: Conveying at once righteous anger towards this country's continued oppression of Black people and the racial coding of rage, it also hints at the usurpation of the movement for Black liberation by corporations, businesses, and influencers. This is a book which urges us not to allow the intensity of public outcry against anti-Black police violence that occurred in Summer 2020 to become merely a moment in history in which Black liberation was "trendy,"…

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