The Next Loves

Located at the intersection of the individual and the social capturing the complexities of desire in a global age.




In Stéphane Bouquet’s The Next Loves, French poetic tradition meets the New York School poets in a unique take on homosexuality, desire, loneliness, and love in an era of global inequality and fundamental precarity. Bouquet’s work delicately carves out space for passages from I to you to the collective we.

ISBN: 9781643620053
Paperback, 80 pages, 5 x 8 in
Publication Date: 09/24/2019
Translator(s): Lindsay Turner

Stéphane Bouquet is the author of several collections of poems and—most recently—a book of essays on poems, La Cité de paroles (2018). He has published books on …

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Lindsay Turner is the author of Songs & Ballads (Prelude Books, 2018). Her translations from the French include adagio ma non troppo, by Ryoko Sekiguchi (Les Figues Press, 2018) and …

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