The Next Loves

Located at the intersection of the individual and the social capturing the complexities of desire in a global age.




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LONGLISTED for the 2020 National Translation Award in Poetry

FINALIST for the Best Translated Book Awards 

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In Stéphane Bouquet’s The Next Loves, French poetic tradition meets the New York School poets in a unique take on homosexuality, desire, loneliness, and love in an era of global inequality and fundamental precarity. Bouquet’s work delicately carves out space for passages from I to you to the collective we.


This brilliant collection unites technologies ancient and new—cruising, Facebook, Grindr, the sonnet—to make poems of indefatigable sweetness, freshness, and insight. Stéphane Bouquet writes like the angelic offspring of Frank O’Hara and Sandra Penna, and some of his poems, like the breathtaking ‘Light of the Fig,’ have already installed themselves among my canon of astonishments.

-Garth Greenwell
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ISBN: 9781643620053
Paperback, 114 pages, 5 x 8 in
Publication Date: 09/24/2019
Translator(s): Lindsay Turner

This collection of rueful, frank, breezily wanton love poems by a notable contemporary French poet has almost none of the hiccups and irregularities one expects from a translated work. (The original French isn’t provided, so it’s unclear what liberties Turner is taking, but whatever they are, she should keep taking them.)

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Stéphane Bouquet is the author of several collections of poems and—most recently—a book of essays on poems, La Cité de paroles (2018). He has published books on …

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Lindsay Turner is the author of Songs & Ballads (Prelude Books, 2018). Her translations from the French include adagio ma non troppo, by Ryoko Sekiguchi (Les Figues Press, 2018) and …

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