The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen

PoetryTimeless Infinite Light


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Ebenkamp cracks open the mundane with jaded humor and uncanny horror. This collection of poems is densely packed and of psychedelic duration. “Between boredom and shock we oscillate” in a data-rich language forest continually interrupted by bursts of scrawling, full-color text art.


The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen is a saw-wave feed of resonant channels “beyond the chalky susurrating din.” Ebenkamp’s language, as glitchy as it is determined, bursts in and out of Magic Eye focus like the melodies found in tape collage.

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Timeless, Infinite Light
ISBN: 9781937421090
Paperback, 192 Pages, 6 x 8 in
Publication Date: 2015

The Louder The Room The Darker The Screen makes me think about the places a person lives, how a person moves through space—how poems are places, and people live in language—the roomthe screen, and the door each imply—the action in its threshold: entrance, exit…”

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Paul Ebenkamp is author of The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015), Parallel Realism (Despite Editions, 2017) and Late Hiss (Desert Pavilion, 2021). With Andrew …

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