A slippery novel set in the Bay Area of the early aughts, where femininity, race, and class tangle together.



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2021 FINALIST for the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBTQ Fiction!

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eBook, Paperback

Neotenica is a novel of encounters: casual sex, arranged-marriage dates, cops, rowdy teenagers, lawyers, a Sapphic flirtation, a rival, a child, and two important dogs. At the center of it are Young Ae, a Korean-born ballet dancer turned PhD student, and her husband, a Korean-American male who inhabits an interior femininity, neither transgender nor homosexual, but a strong, visceral femininity nonetheless. This novel is an adrenaline-filled ride sliding across the surface of desire and chance through the quotidian turned playful.


Neotenica is sentence-level sexy and surprisingly funny, my kind of thriller. Joon Oluchi Lee cracks open a window onto a very familiar Bay Area, yet one I’ve never before seen in fiction. I am obsessed with this book!

-Andrea Lawlor
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ISBN: 9781643620206
Paperback, 112, 4.75 in x 7.75 in
Publication Date: June 23, 2020

Neotenica resists easy codifications. Through their refracting, and converging identities, the characters of Neotenica function in tandem; a warm ball of sweet matter hurtling through space and yearning for the freedom to exist as itself, not as its facsimile.

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Joon Oluchi Lee lives and writes in femininity and feminism. The author of two works of fiction, 94 (Publication Studio, 2015) and Lace Sick Bag (Publication Studio, 2013), as well …

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