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Dimensions 7 × 4.5 in

Disaster is an investigation into what is possible when everything goes perfectly wrong; when planes crash, trains derail, and structures collapse. The details are put forward as a way to examine how each disaster is mourned as a catastrophic exception to the order of things. Ultimately, looking at these events creates space to explore the connection between the collective trauma experienced in the wake of a large scale disaster and a personal story of mourning.


Madison Davis’ Disaster is compelling. At first you can’t bear to read it then you can’t bear not to. When disaster occurs in one’s life, when there is death, there are levels of grief. One is pulled into the disaster according to the specific lineaments of the dying. How is it possible to go forward into life when “It cannot happen / it happened?” With Disaster, Davis faces into loss by composing with details of what might be called unnatural disasters: tragedies caused by stupidity or just bad luck. She isn’t looking for solace and finds none. The beautifully articulated disasters in this book feel dangerous, inevitable, and random.

Timeless, Infinite Light
ISBN: 9781937421212
Paperback, 90 Pages, 4.5 in x 7 in
Publication Date: 2016

“Davis combines the merciless elegance of details with a human attempt at comprehension, using poetic abstractions: “We mourn in the low notes of fear that resonate in the basements, in the floorboards, in the swelling ground. The disaster appeals to the idea of salvation because we are somewhere far away when we are inside the disaster. And we continue but still there is the question concerning the disaster.” Disaster is too big for us to hold: as we approach it, our cognition dissolves. Disaster undoes us. It is beyond our capacity for logic. “We call disaster that which does not have us as a limit: it bears us away in the disaster.'”

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Madison Davis (she/her) is a writer and editor based in Oakland, California. She is the author of the books Disaster (Timeless Infinite Light; Nightboat 2016) and The Loved Ones …

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