The Sorrow and the Fast of it



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The Sorrow And The Fast Of It exists in a middle place: an overlay of indistinct geographies and trajectories. Strained between the bodies of Nathalie and Nathanael, between dissolution and abjection, between the borders that limit the body in its built environment––the city and its name(s), the countries, the border crossings––the narrative, splintered and fractured, dislocates its own compulsion.


The Sorrow And The Fast Of It is a severe and tender book in its ‘incalculable’ correspondence between ocean and ground; the one who writes, and the one who receives.

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ISBN: 9780976718550
paperback, 108 pages, 4 1/4 x 6 3/4 in
Publication Date: 2007
Picture of Man

Nathanaël is the author of more than thirty books written in English or in French, and published in the United States, Québec and France. Notable works include Hatred …

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