As They Fall

PoetryTimeless Infinite Light


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A poetry book in the form of 112 divination cards, As They Fall is a vivid, sensual journey through the haunted landscape of the self. Ivy Johnson’s fragmented, handwritten poem takes its shape as a deck of cards and can be experienced in infinite permutations. Oscillating between a scream and a whisper, As They Fall is shimmering, intimate, and deeply alive. Keep it on your nightstand or your kitchen table. Pull 3-5 cards before you go to sleep, or during morning rituals. Read them out loud if you want but read them as a spell.

Timeless, Infinite Light
ISBN: 9781937421021
Paperback, 112 Pages
Publication Date: 2013

“How do the notes for the work become the work? Poetry has traditionally become itself through received or invented form. Recent contemporary poetry often becomes through syntactic and/or conceptual moves. As They Fall makes a big move up front, and whether it is conceptual or formal, it does leave the cards in the reader’s hands. It’s this willingness to risk which leads me to re-read.”

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Ivy Johnson is a poet, performance artist, and writer between genres living in Oakland, CA.  She is the author of As They Fall (Timeless Infinite Light/ Nighboat, 2013), The Third …

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