Joyelle McSweeney

Joyelle McSweeney is the author of eight books of poetry, stories, novels, essays, translation and plays, including the verse play Dead Youth, or, the Leaks, which inaugurated the Scalapino Prize for Women Playwrights, and The Necropastoral: Poetry, Media, Occults, a work of decadent ecopoetics. With Johannes Göransson, she co-edits the international press Action Books, publishing such authors as Raúl Zurita, Hiromi Ito, Josué Guébo and Kim Hyesoon, while supporting translators like Daniel Borzutzky, Don Mee Choi, Katerine Hedeen, Katrine Øgaard Jensen, Michelle Gil-Montero, Jeffrey Angles, and many others. McSweeney’s ninth book, a double volume of poetry called Toxicon & Arachne, will be published by Nightboat Books on April 7th. She teaches at Notre Dame.

Books by Joyelle McSweeney: