Spells of a Voodoo Doll

The collected life-work of an interdisciplinary writer, performer, and central figure in the Black Gay cultural arts and AIDS movements.

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eBook, Paperback

In this timely collection of poetry, plays, fiction, and performance texts, Assotto Saint draws upon music and incantation, his Haitian heritage, and a politics of liberation to weaves together a tapestry of literature that celebrates life in the face of death. Influential to contemporary writers such as Essex Hemphill, Marlon Riggs, and Melvin Dixon, Spells of a Voodoo Doll is Saint’s crucial legacy–five hundred incandescent pages of painful, lyric writing that exemplifies the visceral, spiritual dimensions of an artistic practice that’s integral to Black and trans activist movements in the United States, both historic and present.

ISBN: 9781643621562
Paperback, 440 pages, 5.25 x 8 in
Publication Date: February 2023

Photo by Robert Giard copyright Estate of Robert Giard, New York, NY, 1987.
A key figure in LGBTQ+, African American and Haitian art and literary culture of the 1980s and …

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