bio: Laure Adler

Laure Adler is a writer and journalist who served as a cultural adviser to the Office of the French Presidency from 1989 to 1992. She is the author of numerous […]

bio: Jon L Pitt

Jon L Pitt is an educator, translator, and musician. He teaches at the University of California, Irvine.

bio: Hiromi Ito

Hiromi Ito is one of Japan’s most prominent feminist poets. She is the recipient of several prestigious Japanese literary prizes, and English translations of her work include Wild Grass on […]

bio: Gillian Osborne

Gillian Osborne is a writer, educator, and aspirational gardener living in California. She is the co-editor of a collection of critical essays on modern and contemporary ecopoetics, and teaches for […]

bio: Angel Dominguez

Angel Dominguez is a Latinx poet and artist of Yucatec Maya descent, born in Hollywood and raised in Van Nuys, CA by their immigrant family. They now live amongst the […]



LILY HOANG is the author of the books Unfinished, The Evolutionary Revolution, Changing (recipient of a PEN Beyond Margins Award), and Parabola. She teaches at New Mexico State University at Las Cruces.

bio: Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Joshua Marie Wilkinson is the co-editor with Lily Hoang of The Force of What’s Possible: Writers on Accessibility and the Avant-Garde. He lives in Seattle, where he runs a site called The […]

bio: Jill Magi

Jill Magi works in text, image, and textile and her books include Threads, Torchwood, SLOT, Cadastral Map, LABOR, SIGN CLIMACTERIC, and a monograph on text-image entitled Pageviews/Innervisions (Rattapallax/Moving Furniture Press). […]

bio: Trace Peterson

TRACE PETERSON is a trans woman poet critic. Author of Since I Moved In and numerous chapbooks, she is also Editor/Publisher of EOAGH and Co-editor of Troubling the Line. Her scholarly and creative writing have recently […]

bio: TC Tolbert

TC Tolbert often identifies as a trans and genderqueer feminist, collaborator, mover, and poet but really s/he’s just a human in love with humans doing human things. The author of Gephyromania […]

Leah Stein

bio: Leah Stein

LEAH STEIN is the founder of Leah Stein Dance Company whose site-specific dances have been performed internationally and throughout the United States, in train garages, open fields, corner parking lots, […]

bio: Josey Foo

JOSEY FOO grew up in Malaysia. She received an AB from Vassar College, an MFA from Brown University, and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author […]