Chad Sweeney

tribe_events: Launch! Little Million Doors by Chad Sweeney

Join us for Chad Sweeney’s first ever NYC reading in celebration of his new book Little Million Doors! There will be readings by Chad Sweeney, Matthew Rohrer, Ana Božičević, Erin Mizrahi, and Paolo Javier, followed by a reception & book signings by Chad.

Post: Chad Sweeney On “Little Million Doors”

Earlier this month, Publishers Weekly said of Chad Sweeney’s stirring new book, Little Million Doors: “Sweeney masters the art of understatement in this book of forthright and delicate poems…What knowledge we gain, the poet hazards, might be found through absence and negation.” rob mclennan adds, “Meaning becomes, if not fluid, something that shimmers, concurrently in multiple, […]