Invasive species by Marwa Helal reviewed in The New York Times!

We are so thrilled to share that Marwa Helal’s fantastic debut, Invasive species was just reviewed by Stephanie Burt in The New York Times Book Review. Pick up a copy of the Sunday times this weekend to see it in print!

“Marwa Helal has lived, not always by her own choice, both in Egypt and in America, belonging to both countries and to neither: “I have been missing home my entire life,” she writes. In the same way, Helal’s first and often stellar book belongs to many categories, and to none. It contains prose and verse; polemic and introspection; remixed pop lyrics and pellucid memoir; straightforward narration and constellated word games. The volume shows her powers — and her amply justified anger — in most of those forms.”—Stephanie Burt

Read the full review here.