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Post: A Conversation With Andrea Abi-Karam And Evan Kleekamp!

Happy publication day to Villainy by Andrea Abi-Karam! In an interview for the Nightboat Blog, Andrea speaks to Villainy designer and Nightboat editor-at-large Evan Kleekamp (who edited the book alongside editor-at-large Kim Calder), about the political brattiness of advocating for oneself, collaborating over Zoom, the Arabic script justification kashida, and much more. Take a look below: Evan Kleekamp: So […]

Post: A Conversation With Divya Victor, Author Of Curb, And Writer Snigdha Koirala!

In an interview for the Nightboat blog, poet and writer Snigdha Koirala, author of Xenoglossia, speaks with poet Divya Victor, author of Curb, about documentary poetics, the “debts and gifts” of citation, the practice of witnessing, water, and more. Take a look below! Snigdha Koirala: The act and practice of witnessing is a concern throughout […]

Post: Carrie Hunter On Vibratory Milieu And The Collage Form!

Today on the Nightboat blog, the poet Carrie Hunter discusses the writing and process behind her book Vibratory Milieu, taking us along with her as she details her experience writing poems in the back of a credit union, her belief in the “sense” of disjunction, and the politics of her collage poetics. Read on below! Vibratory […]

Post: Cole Swensen on Art in Time!

Today on the Nightboat blog, we’re taking a spotlight to Cole Swensen’s Art in Time, published in May by Nightboat. Read through for Cole’s take on the artists who inspired the writing of this collection–as well as excerpts from the poems in Art in Time which resulted from her engagement with their work. (We have attempted […]

Post: Joon Oluchi Lee, author of Neotenica, in conversation with Andrea Abi-Karam!

As Pride month approaches, we’re revisiting Neotenica by Joon Oluchi Lee, finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Gay Fiction and the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBTQ Fiction from the Publishing Triangle Lambda Literary Award! Editor (and fellow Nightboat author) Andrea-Abi Karam sits down to pick Joon’s brain on writing sex scenes, queer life in the early-2000s Bay Area, and the future […]

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Post: A Conversation with Judy Grahn, Author of Eruptions of Inanna!

On the publication day of Eruptions of Inanna, learn more about the thinking and process behind author Judy Grahn‘s queer reclamation of these ancient myths, as well as Grahn’s long and storied history of gay and lesbian activism. ______________________________________________________________________ What prompted you to write Eruptions of Inanna?  From my mid-twenties onward I have dedicated my […]

Post: T.K. Lê in Conversation with Muriel Leung, Author of Imagine Us, The Swarm

Happy publication day to Muriel Leung‘s Imagine Us, The Swarm! For the Nightboat Blog, Leung speaks with poet and prose writer T.K. Lê about collective imagining; illness, contagion and their racist historical specters; Asian American femme anger; and so much more. _______________________________________________________________________ T.K. Lê: You write about the ritual of the word “once,” how it signals the […]

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Post: A Conversation with Allison Cobb on Plastic: An Autobiography!

In celebration of the recent publication of Allison Cobb’s Plastic: An Autobiography, we asked Allison a few questions about the thinking and process behind the making of this expansive and ambitious book, which was ten years in the making. *** What led you to writing Plastic? We live at a time when our smallest daily […]