Post: Joon Oluchi Lee, author of Neotenica, in conversation with Andrea Abi-Karam!

As Pride month approaches, we’re revisiting Neotenica by Joon Oluchi Lee, finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Gay Fiction and the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBTQ Fiction from the Publishing Triangle Lambda Literary Award! Editor (and fellow Nightboat author) Andrea-Abi Karam sits down to pick Joon’s brain on writing sex scenes, queer life in the early-2000s Bay Area, and the future […]

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Post: A Conversation with Judy Grahn, Author of Eruptions of Inanna!

On the publication day of Eruptions of Inanna, learn more about the thinking and process behind author Judy Grahn‘s queer reclamation of these ancient myths, as well as Grahn’s long and storied history of gay and lesbian activism. ______________________________________________________________________ What prompted you to write Eruptions of Inanna?  From my mid-twenties onward I have dedicated my […]

Post: T.K. Lê in Conversation with Muriel Leung, Author of Imagine Us, The Swarm

Happy publication day to Muriel Leung‘s Imagine Us, The Swarm! For the Nightboat Blog, Leung speaks with poet and prose writer T.K. Lê about collective imagining; illness, contagion and their racist historical specters; Asian American femme anger; and so much more. _______________________________________________________________________ T.K. Lê: You write about the ritual of the word “once,” how it signals the […]

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Post: A Conversation with Allison Cobb on Plastic: An Autobiography!

In celebration of the recent publication of Allison Cobb’s Plastic: An Autobiography, we asked Allison a few questions about the thinking and process behind the making of this expansive and ambitious book, which was ten years in the making. *** What led you to writing Plastic? We live at a time when our smallest daily […]

Post: Announcing the 2021 Nightboat Prose Reading Period!

We’re thrilled to announce that Nightboat Books is considering prose manuscripts from May 1-June 30, 2021. Please familiarize yourself with Nightboat Books’s editorial affinities by checking out our catalogue. Buy our books! Borrow them from the library! Read them! We’re looking for innovative prose writing, including inter-genre/hybrid writing, book-length essays, and manuscripts of formally experimental […]

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Post: In Solidarity with the Asian Community in America

A Letter from the Nightboat Staff in Solidarity with the Asian Community in America   The Nightboat Books team is devastated and outraged at the ongoing acts of violence and hate directed towards the Asian community in America. We stand in solidarity with the victims and families of these senseless attacks and the Asian community […]

Post: An Interview with Rosamond S. King on All the Rage

The title of the second collection of poetry by Lambda Award-winning poet and performer Rosamond S. King, All The Rage (published April 2021) has multiple valences: Conveying at once righteous anger towards this country’s continued oppression of Black people and the racial coding of rage, it also hints at the usurpation of the movement for […]


Post: A Dossier for Akilah Oliver’s the she said dialogues

Happy Birthday to Akilah Oliver! Akilah Oliver (1961-2011) is remembered for her fiercely intelligent and ambitious writing, which sought to do no less than expand the boundaries of an African-American literary dialogic tradition in its troubling of “Blackness,” “femaleness,” and “homogeneity.” She was a mother, a queer woman, and a true renaissance woman, who co-founded the […]

Post: Noah Ross on Queer Printed Matter, A History & Archive in the Making

happy publication date to Active Reception! for the nightboat blog, author Noah Ross reflects on the historically significant queer texts that influenced him and the book’s writing.   In many ways, Active Reception is a book of textual community, written through, with, and against a history of gay writing. It inscribes the worlds I exist […]

Post: Jaye & Santi: a parting conversation

Nightboat Books initiated a new fellowship program in 2020 and was fortunate enough to have two incredible individuals in the position: Jaye Elizabeth Elijah (Spring-Summer) and Santiago Valencia (Fall). They made incredible contributions to the press during their tenure. Jaye, while a fellow and then our publicity coordinator, curated the Resonance: Echo series in response […]

Post: On Emporium: An Interview With Aditi Machado

Aditi Machado’s Emporium is a delectable journey through a modern “silk route” fraught with the consequences of capitalism and globalization, where she unravels and re-entangles the threads of commerce, language, and history in these cinematic, transitory sites of transaction, discovery and expression. Mallika Singh tunes into the contours of Emporium’s sensescape on a molecular level, […]

A large colorful wool tapestry hangs against a white gallery wall. An olive green dominates the scene, along with a soft, fading mauve. Strokes of burnt orange, a sea blue, golden yellow, valentine red, all collide. There are purple line-shapes in the middle, some black ones to the right. It compliments the simultaneous vibrant and subdued tones of the letter accompanying it in this post.

Post: Dear Etel: Sahar Khraibani responds to Shifting the Silence

  Etel Adnan’s Shifting the Silence is a meditation on grief, a gentle greeting of death, and an undulating choir of the many lessons and consolations that emerge from the clarity made possible by stillness and quiet after a long, curious life. Taking cues from Etel’s latest book, Sahar Khraibani writes of her own encounters […]