Paula Cisewski

While raising her son and earning her BA from St. Catherine’s University and her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, Paula worked in warehouses, mentored Minneapolis teens in a public art project, owned a coffee shop, and waited one million tables. Her second poetry collection, Ghost Fargo, was selected by Franz Wright for the Nightboat Poetry Prize. She is also the author of Upon Arrival (2006), and of three chapbooks: How Birds Work, Or Else What Asked the Flame w/Mathias Svalina, and Two Museums. A Jerome Grant recipient, her poems appear regularly in literary magazines such as A Handsome Journal; H_NGM_N; Forklift, OH; failbetter; Poetry City, USA; We Are So Happy to Know Something; the BOMBlog; and REVOLUTIONesque.

Books by Paula Cisewski: