Melissa Mack

Melissa Mack is a poet. She lives in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in journals (Elderly, The Capilano Review, Try!, With+Stand), anthologies (Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, What We Want: A List of Our Fucking Demands), a chapbook, Includes All Strangers (Hooke Press, 2013), Poet’s Theater (Debt: A Play, with Lara Durback, Lauren Levin, and Anne Lesley Selcer), at the Alette in Oakland Conference, and at many public readings. Her life is structured by a day job, multiple study groups, showing up at protests, reading tarot, and going on walks with her friends. She aspires to live in a world where everyone has their needs met and human creativity can flower in whatever directions it wishes without being manipulated or devoured by capitalism.

Books by Melissa Mack: