Kit Schluter

Kit Schluter (Boston, 1989) is a poet-translator & bookmaker living in Mexico City. His poetry & stories have appeared in Boston ReviewBOMBBrooklyn Rail,FolderHyperallergic, and in the chapbooks Inclusivity BlueprintJournalsTranslations of ForgettingWithout is a Part of Origin, and the newly released collections of stories and drawings, 5 Cartoons/5 caricaturas (tr. Mariana Rodríguez, Juan Malasuerte Editores) and The Good in Having a Nuclear Family (Despite Editions). Soon to be published is a bilingual edition of the story An Umbrella (translated as Un paraguas by Daniel Saldaña París for Joven Club Werther in Mexico City). Among his published and forthcoming translations from the French, Occitan, and Spanish are books by Olivia Tapiero (Phototaxis, Nightboat) Anne Kawala (Screwball, Canarium), Jaime Saenz (The Cold, Poor Claudia), Michel Surya (Dead End, Black Sun Lit), Julio Torri (Essays & Poems, Archivo48), Marcel Schwob (The Book of MonelleThe Children’s Crusade, foreword by J.L. Borges, & The King in the Golden Mask, Wakefield Press), Amandine André (Circle of Dogs with Jocelyn Spaar; Some Thing, with Lindsay Turner, Aphonic Space), and Clamenç Llansana (Goliard Songs, Anomalous), with others on the way. Completed translations of Pierre Alferi’s Chercher une phrase, in collaboration with Anna Moschovakis. He is recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in translation, a Glascock Prize, and a “Discovery”/Boston Review Prize, and holds an MFA in poetry from Brown University. Kit co-edits O’clock Press, designs for Nightboat Books and Juan Malasuerte Editories, and with Tatiana Lipkes organizes the monthly reading series at Aeromoto, a public arts library in Mexico City. The series will soon be anthologized bilingually by Ediciones Gato Negro and UNAM/the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City and E.M. Wolfman in Oakland, CA.