bio: Jeffrey Zuckerman

Jeffrey Zuckerman is a translator of French, including books by the artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and the Dardenne brothers, the queer writers Jean Genet and Hervé Guibert, and the Mauritian novelists Ananda Devi, Shenaz Patel, and Carl de Souza. A graduate of Yale University, he has been a finalist for the TA First Translation Prize and […]

bio: Kit Schluter

Kit Schluter (Boston, 1989) is a poet-translator & bookmaker living in Mexico City. His poetry & stories have appeared in Boston Review, BOMB, Brooklyn Rail,Folder, Hyperallergic, and in the chapbooks Inclusivity Blueprint, Journals, Translations of Forgetting, Without is a Part of Origin, and the newly released collections of stories and drawings, 5 Cartoons/5 caricaturas (tr. Mariana Rodríguez, Juan Malasuerte Editores) and The Good in Having a […]

bio: Joon Oluchi Lee

Joon Oluchi Lee lives and writes in femininity and feminism. The author of two works of fiction, 94 (Publication Studio, 2015) and Lace Sick Bag (Publication Studio, 2013), as well as various essays on queer theory, feminism, and fiction writing, Joon also blogged about life as a femme feminist gay male at Joon is […]

bio: eteam

eteam is a two people collaboration who uses video, performance and writing to articulate encounters at the edges of diverging cultural, technical and aesthetical universes. Tripping over earthly planes they trigger transactions between its occupants and establish wireless connections. Their narratives have screened internationally in video- and film festivals, they lectured in universities, presented in […]

bio: Steve Abbott

Steve Abbott (1943–1992) was a poet, critic, editor, novelist, and artist based in San Francisco.

bio: Alexandra Joy Forman

Alexandra Forman is the author of Tall Slim & Erect: Portraits of the American Presidents and translator of Saga of Brutes by Ana Paula Maia. She lives in Rio de Janeiro.

bio: Jill Magi

Jill Magi works in text, image, and textile and her books include Threads, Torchwood, SLOT, Cadastral Map, LABOR, SIGN CLIMACTERIC, and a monograph on text-image entitled Pageviews/Innervisions (Rattapallax/Moving Furniture Press). Recent work has appeared in Best American Experimental Writing 2018, Boston Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Pheobe, and Rivulet. In October of 2017 Jill blogged for the […]

bio: John Keene

JOHN KEENE is the author of Annotations, and, with artist Christopher Stackhouse, of Seismosis. His poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and translations from Portuguese, Spanish and French have appeared widely, in periodicals and anthologies, and he has received an array of honors for his work. He is Associate Professor of English and African American and African Studies and […]

bio: Gail Scott

GAIL SCOTT is the author of essays, manifestos, short stories, and three other novels including My Paris. She teaches at the Université de Montréal.

Rachel Gontijo Araújo

bio: Rachel Gontijo Araújo

RACHEL GONTIJO ARAUJO speaks Portuguese, writes in English and is located at an unequal distance between. She is the co-founder of A Bolha Editora, an in translation press with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Pieces of her work have appeared or are forthcoming in Action Yes, Everyday Genius, Mandorla, and Spirale Magazine.

bio: Bruce Boone

Bruce Boone’s published work includes– Karate Flower (1973), My Walk With Bob (1979 & reissued in 2006), Century of Clouds (1980 & reissued in 2009), and with Robert Glück, La Fontaine (1981), The Truth About Ted (1984), and a variety of essays in small press journals. In addition, Boone has translated the work of Georges Bataille, including Guilty (1988) and On Nietzsche (1994), several works by Pascal Quignard, including On […]

bio: Fanny Howe

Fanny Howe grew up in Boston. She raised her three children in New England and traveled between there and California for many years, teaching both poetry and fiction. She has written many books of poetry, including Selected Poems (2000), Gone (2003), On the Ground (2004), The Lyrics (2007) and Come and See (2011). She has also written novels, five of which have been collected in one […]