Gia Gonzales

Post: CURB by Divya Victor is the Winner of Two Major Awards!

We;re thrilled to share that CURB by Divya Victor is the winner of the PEN Open Book Award, which confers a $10,000 prize and a fully-funded artist residency at Civitella Ranieri to an author of color! Congratulations to Divya, and all the finalists and winners of the PEN America Literary Awards. You can view the […]

Post: Announcing Nightboat New Year’s Promotions!

Happy New Year from Nightboat Books! In 2021, we debuted our subscription program–offering subscribers our complete annual catalog at a 25% discount–and were delighted by the response. For 2022, we’re excited to share that we’ll be revamping our subscription program, and introducing a few new other ways to stay up-to-date with the Nightboat catalog!  Meanwhile, […]

red jordan arobateau

Post: Remembering Red Jordan Arobateau (1943–2021)

Red Jordan Arobateau died on Thursday, November 25, in San Francisco. The painter and literary sensation was seventy-eight years old. He left behind an enormous, unparalleled body of work in fiction, erotica, life writing, poetry, and visual arts. After leaving his home in Chicago as a teenager, Red Jordan Arobateau relocated briefly to New York […]

Post: A Conversation With Olivia Tapiero and Kit Schluter on Phototaxis

Today is the publication day of Olivia Tapiero‘s Phototaxis! In celebration of the book’s release, we’re excited to share a conversation with Tapiero and translator Kit Schluter about the poetics and music behind Phototaxis. Read on below!   Olivia Tapiero’s Phototaxis is a book of voices—voices chanting toward the rising light of a posthuman world. From […]

Post: A Conversation With Oscar Oswald And Gillian Conoley On Irredenta

Today we’re celebrating the publication day of Oscar Oswald‘s Irredenta! In a conversation for the Nightboat Blog, Nightboat author Gillian Conoley and Oscar Oswald discuss the seductions, pitfalls, and politics of the pastoral, the lyric “I,” and the American West, among other topics. Take a look below!   Gillian Conoley: Dear Oscar, your debut Irredenta, so […]

VILLAINY abi-karam

Post: A Conversation With Andrea Abi-Karam And Evan Kleekamp!

Happy publication day to Villainy by Andrea Abi-Karam! In an interview for the Nightboat Blog, Andrea speaks to Villainy designer and Nightboat editor-at-large Evan Kleekamp (who edited the book alongside editor-at-large Kim Calder), about the political brattiness of advocating for oneself, collaborating over Zoom, the Arabic script justification kashida, and much more. Take a look below: Evan Kleekamp: So […]

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Post: An Interview With Nightboat Books in Literary Hub!

“Every book has a backstory: to hold one of Nightboat Books’ publications is to have the sense of a longer, more complex, and ultimately more rewarding backstory than most.”—Corinne Segal Let Nightboat staff give you a peek into what goes on behind the scenes here at Nightboat Books! Thanks to Literary Hub and Corinne Segal […]

Post: A Conversation With Divya Victor, Author Of Curb, And Writer Snigdha Koirala!

In an interview for the Nightboat blog, poet and writer Snigdha Koirala, author of Xenoglossia, speaks with poet Divya Victor, author of Curb, about documentary poetics, the “debts and gifts” of citation, the practice of witnessing, water, and more. Take a look below! Snigdha Koirala: The act and practice of witnessing is a concern throughout […]

Post: Carrie Hunter On Vibratory Milieu And The Collage Form!

Today on the Nightboat blog, the poet Carrie Hunter discusses the writing and process behind her book Vibratory Milieu, taking us along with her as she details her experience writing poems in the back of a credit union, her belief in the “sense” of disjunction, and the politics of her collage poetics. Read on below! Vibratory […]

Post: Cole Swensen on Art in Time!

Today on the Nightboat blog, we’re taking a spotlight to Cole Swensen’s Art in Time, published in May by Nightboat. Read through for Cole’s take on the artists who inspired the writing of this collection–as well as excerpts from the poems in Art in Time which resulted from her engagement with their work. (We have attempted […]