Who That Divines by Laura Moriarty
Who That Divines
Essays,  Intergenre,  Poetry,  | $15.95
paperback, 132 pages, 6 x 8 1/4 in
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 978-1-937658-19-9

A new collection of poetry from the important experimental writer of the "A Tonalist" lyric

Who That Divines comprises short songs and puzzles and longer poems of memoir and history—all of which assert an unconventionally feminist sense of the possibility of locating the divine in language, politics, and daily life. Moriarty’s position as one of the most important writers of a postmodern lyric is confirmed by this dynamic collection that also includes the text of her experimental memoir “An Air Force.”

Who That Divines opens onto a vastness of inquiry wherein the political, the philosophical, and the autobiographical all commingle. Moriarty, our most adept chaosophist, marshals a ‘scattering/calibrated/ to assess the meant.’ Via these deep and decentering investigations, we are led to discover a ‘power not one of belief but of being.’ ”
—Elizabeth Robinson