In the Murmurs of the Rotten Carcass Economy
Poetry | $16.95
paperback, 176 pages, 6 x 8 in
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-937658-32-8

This riveting new book of powerful poetry continues the author's investigation into the political and social violence of our times

Daniel Borzutzky, whose work Eileen Myles calls “violent, perverse, tender,” offers a bracing new book that confronts violent action, from state sponsored torture and the bombing of civilians and other “non-essential personnel” to the collapse of the global economy, the barbarism of corporate greed, data fascism, and the deaths of immigrants attempting to cross borders. His book confronts the various horrors of our contemporary landscape through a poetry that literalizes violence, that seeks to find emotional connection and personal meaning in a world that is always exploding.

"Rich, rich filthy writing and reading. Reading that makes you shake your head. Makes you want to stay in and writhe.  Daniel Borzutzky’s In The Murmurs of the Rotten Carcass Economy is thick and dense and full of time shifts. It’s moral and it’s trippy like an old kid cheering the demise of the world along. It starts and slows down. And that’s good cause you don’t want to miss even a bit of Daniel’s kaleidoscopic journey through American horror and global horror. Contemporary and historic horror. Mythic horror. Rhythmic horror. It’s a real aching disgusting pile of prophetic shit. It’s here."   — Eileen Myles