THRENODY by Juliet Patterson Reviewed in New Pages!

THRENODY by Juliet Patterson Reviewed in New Pages!

Threnody by Juliet Patterson reviewed in New Pages by Ryo Yamaguchi

"Toward a flower- / ing I came // lowly lupine raised / wrist,” Juliet Patterson begins in “Toward,” the opening poem of her latest collection, Threnody, out last fall from Nightboat Books. And with these few lines, she deftly establishes the themes and sensibilities of her project: nature raised up into inspection, and with it, inspection itself (the wrist). Quiet, patient, yet often with a swarming force, these poems worry the fraught intersection between humanity and nature, where, as we quickly see, threat abides. If nature is a flowering, it is a flowering against the edges of nothingness. “Toward” closes:

how many sights
circle absence 

the hollow and lake 

how many transfigure 
positioned against 

the ear of my ear and the ghost 
of the ear."
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