PROXIES by Brian Blanchfield: News & Reviews

PROXIES by Brian Blanchfield: News & Reviews

Listen to a radio interview with Brian Blanchfield on his book PROXIES: Essays Near Knowing for Bookworm on KCRW.

“Brian Blanchfield’s brief, multivalent essays are titled to echo the master of the form, Montaigne. They include ‘On Withdrawal,’ ‘On Tumbleweed’ and ‘On House Sitting.’…Mr. Blanchfield’s more high-flown reflections [are] slyly used in juxtaposition with the plain-spoken memories of this ‘working class white boy’ from North Carolina….He calls the essays “inroads to disinhibited autobiography.” One becomes acclimated to, and impressed by, the way he transitions from, say, an etymological investigation of billiards terminology to the way his father shot pool.” —John Williams, The New York Times

"What I admire most about Blanchfield’s analytical framing — what I’m identifying as his formal misdirection — is that he never uses it simply to be coy or to manipulate. Rather, it seems to arise out of a deep humility in the face of complex emotion, a diffidence that relies on the intellect to prepare both writer and reader for the soul- and body-baring disclosures to follow." --Scott Nadelson for The Los Angeles Review of Books

"It was in these years that I wrote the very first of these essays, and came to understand slowly that there would be a book of them. I’ve fallen into the habit of saying that essay prose is “another room on the house” that I thought was all poetry. My subconscious was already working out that insight long before I said it aloud." --Brian Blanchfield interviewed by Jill Talbot for Essay Daily

"But for a book that’s this intensely personal, the effect of finding out how Blanchfield remembers certain things can also be illuminating: it’s one thing to write about your life with this kind of candor, but another entierly to essentially provide readers with a map of how your mind works." - Tobias Carroll for Vol.1 Brooklyn

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Brian is on tour this month to promote PROXIES. Check out his tour dates here.