Nightboat Books @ 18th Annual Independent Publishers Book Party

Nightboat Books @ 18th Annual Independent Publishers Book Party

Start the Presses!
Announcing the 18th Annual New York City Independent Publishers Book Party

6-8pm, Friday, April 28, 2017
@ ZieherSmith Gallery, 516 W 20th St., NYC / 212-229-1088


Hundreds of Art books @ $10 each &

Scott Zieher, Two Poems

William Crawford, Drawing

John Kayser, Rose

Ugly Duckling Presse

Mónica de la Torre, The Happy End / All Welcome

Alan Felsenthal, Lowly

Alejandra Pizarnik, The Most Foreign Country

Constance de Jong, Modern Love

Belladonna* Collaborative

Jennifer Firestone, Gates & Fields

Caroline Crumpacker, Astrobolism

Beth Murray, Cancer Angel

Betsy Fagin, All is not yet lost

Resolving Host

Alex Batkin, Hyperbanquet

Georgia Faust, Too Faust Too Furious

Jeremy Hoevenaar, Our Insolvency

Ed Steck, Universal Core Architecture

The Operating System

Judith Goldman, agon

Johnny Damm, The Science of Things Familiar

Gregory Randall (trans. Margaret Randall), To Have Been There Then

Ashraf Fayadh, Instructions Within

Lunar Chandelier Press

John Bloomberg-Rissman & Lynn Behrendt,
A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through Me

Charles Borkhuis, Finely Tuned Static, paintings by John McCluskey

Vincent Katz, Southness

Roof Books

Anna Vitale, Detroit Detroit

Marie Buck, Goodnight, Marie, May God Have Mercy on Your Soul

David Buuck, Noise in the Face Of

Chris Sylvester, Book Abt Fantasy

The Figures

Michael Gizzi, Collected Poems

Peter Schjeldahl, Columns & Catalogues

Eric Hibit & Geoffrey Young, Dear Hollywood 


Stephen Rodefer, Mon Canard

Tender Buttons

Tender Omnibus: 25 Years of Tender Buttons Press

Katy Bohinc, Dear Alain

Bernadette Mayer, Sonnets 

Katy Bohinc, ed., Teaching Bernadette Mayer's Sonnets


Rosa Alcalá, MyOther Tongue

Simone White, Of Being Dispersed

Evan Kennedy, The Sissies

Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Solar Maximum

United Artists Books

Lisa Rogal, Morning Ritual

Sarah Anne Wallen, Don't Drink Poison

Tony Iantosca, Shut Up, Leaves

Daniel Owen, Toot Sweet

Nightboat Books

Samiya Bashir, Field Theories

Duriel E. Harris, No Dictionary of a Living Tongue

Cole Swensen, On Walking On

Alli Warren, I Love It Though

Ink, Inc.

Arthur Litt, Desseins Industriels

Edward Field, w/ drawings by Robert Andrew Parker,
-Curse of the Cat Woman; 

-The Bride of Frankenstein;

-Sweet Gwendolyn and the Countess

Pressed Wafer

William Benton, My Mary Julia

Ed Barrett, The Sinatra n

George Scialabba, Low Dishonest Decades: Essays & Reviews, 1980-2015

Guy Birchard, Hecatomb


Kevin Killian, Tony Greene Era

Robert Fitterman, Nevermind

Uljana Wolf (trans. Sophie Seita), i mean i dislike that fate that i was made to where

Josef Kaplan, Poem Without Suffering

Purgatory Pie Press

Georgia Faust, Pests of Public Importance,
April Vollmer, woodcut 

Maria de Los Angeles, Corona de Rosas

Sommer Browning, Mammal Problems
Sparrow, Equation

Litmus Press

Lisa Samuels & Sawako Nakayasu, eds., A Transpacific Poetics

Roberto Harrison, Bridge of the World

Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop, Well Well Reality

Aja Couchois Duncan, Restless Continent


Max Wolf Valerio, The Criminal: The Invisibility of Parallel Forces

Abigail Child, Mouth to Mouth

Andrew Levy, Nothing is in Here

kari edwards, succubus in my pocket

Presented by Roof Books & Les Figues

Thanks to the generous support of Zieher Smith Gallery, Chelsea