Dawn Lundy Martin Interviewed for Literary Hub

Dawn Lundy Martin in Conversation with Adam Fitzgerald

"DLM: I always want to say, whose experimentalism? Whose avant-garde? Who has the right to define these terms and for whom? Sometimes I teach a graduate course titled “Black Radical Poetry,” which charts a course from, and relation between, black modernism and black contemporary experimental poetry. A colleague once looked at my syllabus and said, are some of these “modernists” a little too late to be modern? According to whom, I asked, who determines those parameters for a people who wrote themselves into the category of “human”? In fact, whose humanity? Whose humanism? The contexts and the terms as constructed by agents with a desire to maintain their artistic and literary legitimacy while black heads roll. I think there is excessive validation and celebration of black writing that is invested in speaking a reification of what it means to black." - Dawn Lundy Martin, interviewed by Adam Fitzgerald for Lit Hub

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