Check Out These Blog Posts from Brian Teare

Check Out These Blog Posts from Brian Teare

Brian Teare (forthcoming author of Doomstead Days) has published a couple of new blog entries over at Poetry Foundaton! 

In En Plein Air Poetics: Notes Towards Writing in the AnthropoceneBrian Teare expresses, "One of the primary ways I make ecopoetics an active practice is by drafting poems on foot in the field." He begins by taking the reader with him during a hike in Pennsylvania, suggesting that theoretical thinking should be entwined with praxis, even when facing difficulty. "Coming down a mountain’s the hardest part—my afflicted joints register the impact of each step of the descent. As the pain begins I begin to recede from the hike and loop back into myself in thought, anticipating this essay." Click the link for more!

In Textual PreferenceBrian Teare interrogates how a person's reading taste comes to be. He boldly begins by declaring, "Like a hard-on, writing is a thing that would start something." He continues by asserting that there are not any differences between sexual & textual preferences. "I need to feel the impress of the poet’s touch on each syllable of the poem—that is the site of bliss for me as a reader... I need to feel the poem draw me close through the intimacy its formal details disclose: the attention paid by the poet is repaid with my own." Click to continue reading!

Brian Teare also has a few upcoming readings! Click below for more details:

February 6th, at the University of Alabama 

February 7th & 8th, at Hollins University

March 6th, Woodberry Poetry Room 

April 12th, at The Seminary Co-op Bookstore in Chicago